General privacy policy

This privacy policy covers the general practices used to safeguard information obtained through the use of this website (, any sub-domains and any other interactions we may have.

While some of this policy is required by European Union law, as a service for clients, the following sets out (briefly) the types of information obtained when users interact with this website and any services offered by it.

By accessing this website and using any services, you accept and consent to the use of your information as described in this policy. Please read it carefully.

Personal information

This covers information that can identify a specific individual directly. Such data includes names, addresses, telephone number, email addresses and potentially also information relating to your device and location.

Particularly in the course of providing services, you may be asked to provide personal information to provide you with that service. For example, some of your personal information (name and email address) is needed to provide you with a quote or the service. 

This information will not be disclosed to third parties unless you consent to it or it is required for providing you with a service, by law or court order. Your information will not be sold, traded or rented out to anyone.

Information collection and confidentiality

In the course of providing you with some of the services offered via this website it is necessary to receive information from you that maybe confidential. This is for the purposes of providing a service in relation to that information (e.g. editing a manuscript). This information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party without your expressed permission. This information will also only be used to provide you with the service. We retain this information to complete the current transaction, provide accurate invoices and maintain a secure operation.

Website activity

This website uses Google Analytics for the purposes of understanding how it is used and to improve its operation over time. Information that is collected includes IP addresses, browser type, approximate location, Internet Service Provider, date/time stamp, referring and exit pages and other data points. This information is used in aggregate form to administer the site, analyse trends and general usage.


Forms on this site are protected via reCAPTCHA. Please note that there are extra terms and privacy conditions associated with this protection. These conditions can be viewed via each instance of a form.


Please see the separate policy on cookies. This site uses cookies (much like any other website).

Linking to other websites

This website provides links to other external websites. If you follow these links this policy no longer applies.

Social media sharing buttons, paid links and advertisements

Currently this site does not contain any functionality for sharing on social networks (unless you choose to do so ‘manually’), and it does not currently contain any ‘paid links’ or advertisements.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy maybe updated from time to time to reflect changes in business practices.

Updating or deleting your information

Things change and that is fine. If you want to update or delete your information you can contact me.

Resolving privacy policy issues

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact me. 

First published: 3rd August 2020
Last updated: 3rd August 2020