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Overview, background and current project status

I have been writing about diabetes research since early 2015 in the form of the ‘In this Issue’ section of the Diabetes and Diabetes Care journals of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The section is part of the 'front matter' of the journals.

The first version was published in June 2015 and the most recent version is for the July 2020 issue of both journals. You can find the complete list of articles for these journals below.

I have also written the ‘Diabetes is Primary’ section for Clinical Diabetes and Diabetes Spectrum. These articles are research digests highlighting developments over three month periods.

*At the moment, this project is paused, mainly because of the fallout from the COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. We are planning to restart in early 2021.* 

You can find the complete list of articles, summaries and digests that are published so far in the ADA journals below. There are about 650 individuals items in total. 

Diabetes Care - In this Issue

Diabetes Care, as a journal, is intended for healthcare practitioners and aims to increase knowledge, research and the promotion of better management of individuals with diabetes. 

It covers original research with a clinical orientation as well as the publication of statements, consensus reports, clinical review articles, letters and health/medical news. Find out much more about Diabetes Care on the journal's website.

The 'In this Issue' section of Diabetes Care, that I have written for the past five years, is published every month as the first article of each issue. The section highlights, in summary form, four papers that appear in that month's issue. They are usually chosen on the basis of novelty or likely clinical impact.

Each summary consists of about 300 words and aims to bring out the potential clinical relevance of the research in a format that is quick and easy to read.

2020 (vol 43, issues 1-7)

2015-2019 (vols 38 - 42)

Diabetes - In this Issue

Diabetes, the journal, is focussed on original research about the (patho-)physiology of diabetes. Published research in this journal tends to be more fundamental and covers any aspect of laboratory, animal and human research.   

Investigative reports usually cover pathogenesis of diabetes and complications, metabolism and mechanisms. The journal also focusses on biochemical and molecular aspects of biological processes associated with diabetes and its complications. Find out more about the aims of Diabetes at the journal's website.

The 'In this Issue' section of Diabetes, that I have written for the past five years, is published every month and is the first article in each issue. The section comprises of four summaries of papers that are considered to be highlights in each issue. 

Each summary is about 300 words in length and as well as describing the outcomes of the research, they try to bring out the biological and potentially clinical significance of each investigation. With the readership of this journal in mind, each summary is written in a format that is accessible and quick to read.

2020 (vol 69, issues 1-7)

2015-2019 (vols 64 - 68)

Clinical Diabetes - Diabetes is Primary: News and Notes for Primary Care Providers

Clinical Diabetes provides primary care providers and clinicians with information on advances in the care for people with diabetes. In terms of the Diabetes is Primary section, which I have been writing for the past few years, the aim is to provide a digest of advances in various areas of diabetes care and research over quarterly periods.

The section covers broad areas such as highlights from the journals, treatments and therapies, the marketplace, conference spotlight and news from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). As such the digest/column covers very broad sweeps of many areas of diabetes and the care of people with diabetes.

2020 (vol 38, issues 1 - 3)

2019 (vol 37, issues 1 - 4)

2018 (vol 36, issues 1 - 4)

2017 (vol 35, issues 4 - 5)

Diabetes Spectrum - Diabetes is Primary: News and Notes for Primary Care Providers

Diabetes Spectrum focuses on strategies to individualise treatments and care for people with diabetes. In particular, the journal has a focus on diabetes self-management and education towards care.

As with the Diabetes is Primary section in Clinical Diabetes, the version for Diabetes Spectrum provided a quarterly digest of the latest research relevant for the focus of the journal.

2018 (vol 31, issues 1 - 4)